About Lab

Ubiquitous Computing Database laboratory has produced more than 50 excellent Ph.D. and M.S. graduates since 1990. Our laboratory has been advancing to develop always through the open and creative thinking. Our laboratory has the highest level technology for moving objects database for locationbased services, and RFID/Sensors objects databases for RFID middleware platforms. It is the mainspring to profess the demonstration of research & development through actually system constructing and applying without stopping in theoretical study.

We have highly interests in developing on the back of Information Revolution, Ubiquitous Revolution called the 4th revolution is upcoming. Our laboratory has concentrated on developing RFID middleware related to physical distribution of harbor to lead database technology of the Ubiquitous era. We are making effort to create ideas through installing the RFID equipment and developing application system to develop distinguished RFID middleware over just theoretical approaching. Members of our laboratory are participated in the project of Research Center for Logistics Information Technology (RCLIT). RCLIT is the Korea national project for developing the next generation of logistics information technology. LIT focuses on logistics research, education, and practice, with IT-based technology such as ubiquitous computing, RFID, automation, and intelligent logistics system. We will achieve a seamless transportation of logistics with smart and secure services. LIT is funded by the Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, for the 2004-2013 period.

USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) Network infrastructur for realizing ubiquitous computing environment using sensor nodes with sensing, processing & wireless communication capabilities.

Department of Computer Engineering, Pusan ​​National University

Ubiquitous Computing Database Lab (4th floor Jedogwan [Room No. 6404-2], Joseongwan 2F [Room No. 11207])

Jedogwan: (051) 510-3535, Joseongwan: (051) 510-3485