About Lab

Database and Big Data Lab has produced more that 50 excellent MS and Ph.D graduates since 1990. Our laboratory has been advancing to develop always through the open and creative thinking. Our laboratory has the highest level technology for employing Big Data and Machine Learning techniques. It is the mainspring to profess the demonstration of research and development through actually system constructing and applying without stopping in theoretical study.

The DB&BD Lab's  research mission is to identify, engineer and evaluate innovative technologies that address current and future data-intensive challenges. In order to unlock the potential of big data, our lab tries to overcome a significant number of research challenges including: managing diverse sources of unstructured data with no common schema, real-time analytics, suitable visualization techniques for petabyte-scale data sets, etc. The Big Data Lab will provide you with the platform to test your hypothesis and integrate your big data efforts across organizations.

The Database and Big Data Lab aim to be a world class research lab focused on enhancing experience for Digital Marketing. Researchers from the lab employ big data analytics and machine learning to enable organizations deliver delightful experiences. big Data have the potential for ushering in a new era in data analysis, but to realize this opportunity requires us to confront several significant scientific challenges. Our Lab focuses on solving all these challenges which requires us to follow an entirely new approach that transcends and reshapes disciplinary boundaries.

We have high interest in developing on the back of Information Revolution, Ubiquitous Revolution call the 4th revolution upcoming. Our laboratory concentrates on developing Database and Big Data related projects which leads to the 4th industrial revolution. We are making effort to create ideas through predicting dangerous road weather information through data analysis. Members of our laboratory are participated in the project Korea Meteorological Administration Research and Development Program. Nation Institute of Meteorological Research (METRI) is the main meteorological research organization in Korea. Our work mainly focuses on analysis of the data patterns produced from CCTV and based on that analysis we will achieve high accuracy of producing the dangerous road weather information. Our Project is funded by Korea Meteorological Administration Research and Development Program.

Our Laboratory research also focuses on applying a wide variety of machine learning techniques in the key application areas.