- Among of the IT areas in the future the area of the Convergence which will to promote the IT devlopment and this time will be coming soon,compare with the ubiquitous computing technology which has been used in Logistics, disaster prevention, occupational safety, healthcare, and so on. Us to keep pace with these flow step further from existing database systems research laboratory environment, the core technology of ubiquitous computing 'RFID middleware', 'sensor middleware', 'real-time location system (RTLS) middleware "we are focuses on the research and technology.


- It is promoting to promote the 'LIT' project, the career of do projects and write research papers with 6 PhD students and 13 master students,and it's helpful to improve the practical English thourgh communicate with foreign student who from speak English Country, Our laboratory through accumulated excellent technology and know-how, and cultivate talents to high level and already cultivated about 60 graduated students who are working on University, ETRI,Samsung,LG, and so on.


- We would like to invite you to join us continue to make the future ubiquitous, This research topics and projects who interested in, please do not hesitate to visit us and talking about contents if you have any questions.welcomt to write anything you are in curious and thanks for creative and challenging who pay attention to us.