▣  Analysis of target stream data processing by the Defense Science Research Institute

As a research project conducted by the Ministry of National Defense from 2016 to 2022 , we research and analyze thousands of target data collected from radar, sonar sensors, etc. in real time, and analyze and process the targets most dangerous to traps. It is being performed as an ADD  project and is advantageous when joining the Defense Science Research Institute when participating in the project .

Predictive route analysis of thousands of target objects : Develop real-time data learning technology collected by developing a technology that predicts the predicted route of thousands of target objects collected from raters, etc. every few seconds . 

Real-time target object, high-performance space-time indexing techniques :  binary, the Tree Search more advanced  B * -tree  as a space-based index to predict whether the target is go after water  R * -tree  and research-based space indexing technology . This study can be done sufficiently if you know the algorithm based on data structure and  file structure .

Trap / Ship disaster safety big data analysis : If you  analyze ship's shaking sensor information, engine sensing information, moving route, and  marine weather information, research on dangerous sea area detection and  safe moving route recommendation technology. As a big data technology for disaster prevention in the ocean, you will learn techniques for managing,  analyzing and predicting data storage collected by various sensors.