Ÿ RFID(Radio Frequency IDentifier)  is a technology to electronically record the presence of an object using radio signals and  used for automatically identifying a person, a package or an item.

Ÿ On-chip antenna and RF tags can store information suitable for your purpose attached to applies then Corresponding to the RFID Leader through the reader how to recognize the information will be utilized.

Basic components


- Product is attached to the input data consists of an IC chip and antenna
- Data transmission of Leaders and senior to leader in wireless
- Built-in battery according to the presence of Active and Passive

- When you launch a radio frequency it delivery to transmitted from tag to  receives data of reader
- Various shapes and sizes can be manufactured and a critical factor in determining the size of the tag

- Frequency to control outgoing and decrypt data received from the tag
- Depending on how you want to use fixed, mobile, portable
- Consists of antenna and RF circuits, modulation / demodulation, and real-time signal processing module, the protocol processor

Tag Types and Features

Formula division Principle

Read / Write



- Manufacturing information input, information can not change it  

- Inexpensive, such as barcode recognition system using a simple

once write

- The user can enter data once and can not be changed after input

Read / Write

- Data entry and can be changed in several times    

- The price is high but can utilization with Highest Price goods

Tags Power

- Tag attached to the battery, remote communication around more than 10m       

- Prices high, the lifetime limit, used in more than UHF band


- Tag has no battery, communication within short-range than 10m           

- Cheap, semi-permanent life span (approx. 10 years)


Ÿ The history of RFID,it was used distinguish between enemy plane and friendly plane during the Second World War,because fo Through  communication to determine the identity between the RFID tag of friendly plane and reader of enemy plane, to avoid attack between friendly planes.

Ÿ After 2000 year RFID has be used in Logistics management, parking management, book management, animal identification, transport cards, such these variety areas.